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The largest dealer of Telemark Equipment in North America  

Best Prices, most experience, and best service . 

 Other shops dabble- but we Live FreeHeel since 1995!

or Call 860.428.5979 CT Ski Shop 603.533.5589 Spring Crispi NTN Boot Sale!

The largest dealer of Telemark Equipment in North America  

Best Prices, most experience, and best service . 

 Other shops dabble- but we Live FreeHeel since 1995!

or Call 860.428.5979 CT Ski Shop

The Feys, Crispi Telemark boots and the TMD Difference

Fey Brothers

The TMD Difference

The Fey Brothers, Martin and Erik, have been at the center of the Telemark scene since the mid 90's and in 2012 they bought the North American distributorship for CRISPI Telemark boots.  The goal of Telemarkdown is to simply give you the best deal and service available. No other shops in North America sell more Telemark Equipment, but more importantly,  you'll speak to one of the Feys and get our best service every time you call. We're renowned for our great prices, but even more so for our personal service.   Telemark gear, Alpine Touring or Alpine, TMD and the Fey Bros will be honest with you, get you in the right gear and save you some money too!

The FreeHeeler's Demo Tour 2021

Telemarkdown has the largest Tele Demo fleet in the world and we bring it ALL to the mountain and let you demo FOR FREE!  The FreeHeeler's Demo Tour schedule is coming together this summer!

Demos are always available at-- 

Camelback, PA through Sean Henry 570.269.4621  call/text     


 NTN Rentals in SLC Utah through Miles Fey 603.325.0531 call/text


  •  Mount Snow, VT 






Our Shops and Team

Fey's Ski Shop (Erik) 55 Hooper Hill Rd  New Boston, NH 03070    

 603.533.5589   call/text

Aspinock Woods Ski Shop (Marty)  570 River Rd Putnam, CT 06260 

 860.428.5979   call/text

Sean Henry  Camelback, PA  Demo Team                570.269.4621  call/text

Eric Becker  NW US Rep Crispi/Meidjo                    360.607.0950 call/text

Miles Fey    Demo/Rentals in SLC Utah                   603.325.0531 call/text

SummitCone Telemark/AT Skis

  • The Feys know a bit about skiing and skis and have built skis, snowboards and even invented and produced the Teleboard too. The goal with the SummitCone Ski line was to simply design the best Tele/AT skis based on extensive Telemark and Alpine experience. They're built in the USA out of the best industry materials, have a 3 yr warranty and the price is very reasonable so our customers can take chances and enjoy them. SummitCone Skis was born in 2017, and our flagship ski, The Pariah, blew skiers minds and ours, and quickly gained a stellar reputation for performance, being extremely fun and durable.

2020 was an incredible season for SummitCone- The skis went head to head with the biggest  brands and  were consistently ranked better in performance and fun-factor.  The lineup for 2021 will be even better and we'll be announcing the additions and changes to the line during the Summer.


In 2012, The Feys acquired the distribution rights to Crispi Telemark Boots and has since tripled sales of the brand in North America. Crispi is now considered the industry leader in innovation for the future of Telemark and is the ONLY  Telemark boot company that gives you front and rear Tech fittings in all their NTN boots.  The future is bright for NTN and Crispi. They ski better, perform best and cost less. No brainer. 

The Feys and the TMD Crew


The Feys

  • In the winter of '95, Martin and Erik invented and began development of the "Teleboard", combining their love for Freeheel skiing, surfing and snowboarding. The Teleboard blew people's minds and could be riden in ways no one thought possible. This catapulted the Feys into the ski industry and specifically into the exploding Telemark growth period of the late 90's. The Feys committed soley  to Telemark skiers, and while other shops dabbled and failed to provide knowledge,service and expertise, TMD  gained more traction each year with Freeheelers across the globe for price and commitment to the sport.  

(photo: Erik  1995 Teleboard test flight)

Telemarkdown Ski Shop

Our Shops and Mail Order

We'd love to see you come into our Putnam, CT  or New Boston, NH shop and meet our super-tech Niegel and Petey the Cat,  but we realize we service a global "FreeHeel Nation".  For those who can't swing in, please give us a call or email with ANY questions you have regarding Tele, AT or Alpine gear that we sell.  We love talking with our customers, who often become our friends.

(Photo: Niegel and Petey- mounting skis)

Telemarkdown Freeheeler's Demo Tour

FreeHeeler's Demo Tour and Team

We have a great crew of talented skiers who are committed to Freeheeling, helping new skiers into the sport and are experts in Telemark Gear. Sean Henry and Steve Beaulieu out of Camelback Mtn, PA have the largest Tele fleet in the Mid Atlantic, allowing skiers to demo for Free and give them helpful Tele-tips too on the best Telemark Skis and Telemark Boots available. Eric Becker from Bend, OR is our Crispi/Meidjo rep for the NW, and Miles Fey has a nice demo fleet servicing the Utah Wasatch, We can get you in touch with any of our team if you'd like to test gear. The Demo Tour services the NorthEast from PA to ME with the largest Tele fleet on the planet and  headlines Tele events in 5 states. See if we're coming to a local mtn!  Our team has been doing this since 1996 and we know it's the best way for us to connect with skiers and give them the gear knowledge for a purchase. What gear can we get you in?

(photo: Sean Henry, Niegel, Katieri)


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